There is something different happening at STAG NIGHT 2014.  Gilbert Brown, of the Green Bay Packers is coming for a visit! This special Gilbertappearance is a terrific opportunity to meet one of the greatest nose tackles of all times. This meeting is at the Mineshaft in downtown Hartford on Oct 1. There is no additional charge to meet Gilbert Brown.  Join the fun and help MCF of Hartford raise funds for the community programs. The evening starts at 5 pm with open bar til 7 pm.  Dinner is at 7 pm.  This is a “Men’s Night Out” event. The Great Board Drawing, Chinese Raffle, Money Bag and Auction are part of the incredible evening of fun and excitement.  Register today! STAG NIGHT tickets are $125. A cooperate tables is $650. Please use the Yellow Contact Us Tab and Deb Holtan, the executive director, will do the rest.