Congratulations to the community for their incredible effort to make this year a year to remember!  The MCF of Hartford has collected over $12,500.00 for the Personal Emergency Response Lifeline.  “This community Basic RGBcontinues to show how much they care and how much they want to keep their elderly and disabled friends, relatives and neighbors safe. Just push the button and instantly a trained professional is able to help with whatever need is presented.  The Medical Center Foundation of Hartford couldn’t be more proud of all of its donors for their great support.  The lights on the Tree of Life shine with pride and love.” The MCF of Hartford wants to thank everyone for your continued support. Lifelines do save lives.  For more information please Deb Holtan 262-670-7568.  Holtan wants you to know, “Everyday lives are saved because a button was pushed for help. No one should be alone. Thank you everyone for your donations.  They are working.”