The best fundraising events raise confidence in the people who contribute and the confidence for those who MCF Celebration 2016receive the benefits.  I want you to know with confidence that the Medical Center Foundation Celebration is just one of those events.  People in our community need help. You can help them.   The Medical Center Foundation of Hartford is having an event in October that will help our elderly. Push a button and help will come to assist you right away.  Lifelines save lives everyday. Need a ride to the doctor’s office?  No worries.  Ride the Hartford Taxi, or the Washington County Shared Ride and receive a ride everyday.  We want to help you and we want you to help us serve this community.  How about assistance with a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?  We’re here for you! Call for a complimentary visit at the Adult Day Care – 1022 Club and  see what everyone is talking about.  Friendly and loving care is available. We have financial assistance for you. Were you sexually assaulted?  Did someone you care about get raped?  We can help.  We have a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) Program designed to be there when you or a friends of yours becomes a victim of a sexaul crime.  Are you receiving only limited opportunities to get better after a heart attack or major surgery with your insurance benefits?  We have a Fitness Program that wants to help you become 100% you again.  Healing takes time.  Not all insurances gives you enough time to heal.  We are here for you. Call Deb Holtan and get better.  Get excited to get involved with the MCF of Hartford.  Join us on Oct 4 at the Mineshaft for an event that puts people first. Be inspired and see how this local foundation serves the community.