On April 12th the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford invites you to join us at the Hartford Golf Club, 7072 Lee Rd. Hartford, WI.  Annette Meyer, from Meyer Music Therapy in Grafton, WI, and her staff will share how music can heal.  Learn how music can evoke emotional response to relax or stimulate people, or help them heal.  More and more health care facilities are learning how to incorporate music into their treatment plans.  You will hear testimonials and family members who are already benefiting from Music Therapy.  The evening starts at 5 pm with a social hour and dinner is at 6 pm.  You are cordially invited to learn, observe, marvel, and be blown away with the incredible advancements made through music therapy.  The evening will excite you and teach you how music therapy can be done at home for you and your family members.  Don’t miss your chance to learn how music therapy can heal! Click her to register. http://www.mcfhartford.org/annual-dinner-registration/