Have you ever thought about the power of music? It has a unique link to our emotions. It can be extremely effective managing stress. It can relax your minds and your body.  Did you realize productivity increases when stress decreases? It can absorb our attention.  It can also distract our attention. Calming music before bedtime promotes peace and relaxation and induces sleep.  It can help those who have had a stroke or a traumatic brain injury on the left side of their brain. Music and singing work off the right side of the brain. A person can sing their thoughts and gradually drop the melody.  It helps people who are dealing with cancer because it reduces the stress and the anxiety levels associated with chemotherapy and radiation. Improving the life of someone with dementia is a high priority.  Music can evoke memories, reduce agitation, assist communication and improve physical coordination.  Music has power that can be used to help and to heal.  Join us April 12 for the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford’e Annual Dinner.  It is at the Hartford Golf Club, 7072 Lee Rd Hartford. Social Hour begins at 5 pm and Dinner at 6 pm. Listen to Annette Meyer from Meyer Music Therapy share “How Music Heals.” Ticket are $30.  Make your reservations today. Call Deb Holtan 262-670-7568 http://www.mcfhartford.org/annual-dinner-registration/