After 39 years the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford continues to be grateful for the support and the encouragement of the community to keep going and to serve people in need.  On April 12th the house was full of music and excitement of people who care and support others. Strings Attached performed dinner music that sweetened the evening with an element of beauty.  All evening supporters were reminded that the services and programs that are offered contribute to the health and the vitality of others who need help with Adult Day Care -1022 Club, Fitness Program, Personal Emergency Lifelines, Medical Transportation and the SANE Program (Sexual Assault nurse Examiner).  Cathie Manley Frix, Jeanine Gable and Patty Rath thanked the foundation and all the donors who contribute to the programs that make their lives better.  Annette Mayer from Meyer Music Therapy Studios shared stories and their work of adding music therapy in the lives of those who have suffered from strokes, dementia, PTSD, Parkinson disease and Autism. Iris Hulbert received the highest honor the MCF of Hartford can give a supporter – The President’s Award.   Iris shared her gratitude for the support of board members and community members over the past 25 years.  The evening ended with thank you gifts and free will donation total of $2235.00.  All gifts given stay local to serve local needs.