In just a few days the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford will celebrate it’s 27th year helping people with their Medical Transportation needs.  It has been a long standing tradition that the proceeds from the Goldbug Golf Classic be used to transport those who need a ride to and from their doctor’s appointment. All riders no matter who you are receive a discounted from the Washington County Shared Ride Taxi and the Hartford Taxi.  Hundreds in the community benefit from this program every month and thousands every year.  A person may not even know that this program exists except when something terrible happens to them and they can’t drive themselves to a medical appointment.  A relative, a friend or a neighbor may suggest that there is some assistance available for them if they need it.  Just call the taxi service and receive a discount no matter your financial situation.  Your rides to your medical appointments in Hartford, Slinger and West Bend are discounted when you go to an Aurora facility.  That ride to the hospital, clinic, cancer treatment center, adult day care are all included and mean you can save some money, get to your appointment safely and in the comfort of a vehicle that is tested for safety regularly.  The Goldbug Golf Classic makes this resource in the community part of everyday life and extra special in our community. There are not very many communities that have this kind of service available.  We are very proud that we do and we accept your help funding this program.  The Goldbug Golf Classic is the best way to share this message of service for those in need.  Thank you to all of you who support the MCF of Hartford and our desire to contribute to the health and the vitality of the community.   Come DRIVE for RIDES with us and golf in the Goldbug Golf Classic on Tuesday, July 11th at the Hartford Golf Club.  For more information call Deb 262-670-7568 or email or visit