The Medical Center Foundation of Hartford wants you to know that on Oct 4th you have the opportunity to hang out, laugh and enjoy an evening filled with excitement,thrills and for sure a few surprises.  It’s time for The Medical Center Foundation Celebration.  This great event is at the Mineshaft in Hartford.  You will take part in the open bar from 5-7 pm.  You will have Hors d’ Oeuvres at 6 pm and dinner at 7 pm. Your choice…Prime Rib and Pan Fried Walleye.  Still not sure you want to go or have the time or money?  Well, how about meeting Katrina Cravy, former reporter for Fox News 6. Now Cravy is a radio announcer for WKLH and the morning crew from Milwaukee.  She is an accomplished author and a motivational speaker that you will never forget hearing.  Cravy wants to meet you.  She wants to tell you all about the incredible work that is being done on your behalf and others.  That work is serving the community with programs and services that save lives every day.  Lifelines, Adult Day Care, Medical Transportation, SANE Program (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) and a Fitness program are the successful contributions of people who know that together we can help others.  The evening will be bursting with all kinds of ways to help and make these programs stronger and better.  Your help is needed.  Don’t miss your chance to help raise funds for these programs.  There will be cash winnings, live auction, raffles and tons of door prizes all totaling over $10,000.  You need not fear, tickets are still available and can be purchased online or over the phone 262-670-7568. Cravy will be ready to hang out and be a part of our work serving others. For more information call Deb 262-670-7568.