We are proud to serve the  community with services and programs that contribute to the health and the vitality of the community. The 2017 Tree of Life Celebration is the best year yet for raising funds for people in need of a lifeline.  With over $15,000 collected for people, this foundation is ready and willing to serve the community.    Every lifeline that is ordered and installed is ready to save a life.  Maybe it will save your mom’s life or your grandfather’s life.  Whatever the case, the device is available for those who need assistance and for those family members who are looking for that peace of mind knowing their loved one is a push away from assistance and help when that moment of need happens.  The cost for a lifeline ranges from free to $45 depending on the need and the device ordered. Your gifts of love have and continue to serve those who can’t afford a lifeline. Every light on our Tree of Life is special.  Thank you to our community and to those who believe and know that every light on the Tree of Life means someone is being honored or remembered with a beautiful light on the Tree of Life.

Do you know of someone who needs a lifeline and can’t afford it?  Please share with them that the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford wants to help them.  Tell them to call Deb 262-670-7568 and ask for information about a life saving device that will assist you if you need help. Maybe you are not sure if a lifeline is right for you?  Call and ask for information to be sent to you.  A free demonstration can be set up for you to make an informed decision.  No one should be home alone.  Be sure to reach out to the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford.  We are a resource for you. We are proud to be serving our community with you.