Has this ever happened to you?  Your parent, your loved one all of a sudden is old?  It sounds like a strange question and observation but think about it.  Everyday things happen all around you and one day you realize the reality that time keeps ticking and things keep changing and now you, your family, your life is different.  Yesterday is gone and now you need to figure out today and tomorrow and next week and…  You start to look for information and resources you never thought you would ever need.  You have lots of questions and you are not sure what to ask, who to ask, where to go?  The Medical Center Foundation of Hartford is a pretty good place to start.  This foundation is a community foundation that serves.  The resources and the networking that they offer keep you connected and it is one of the best ways to help care for a loved one.  The programs and services that they offer have stood the test of time and this community continues to make it a priority to help others by keeping this foundation financially supported.  If you or anyone you know needs help caring for a loved one please contact Deb Holtan at 262-670-7568.  She is the executive director and can’t wait to help you.  She will offer you information about Lifelines for those living alone at home, Medical Transportation to doctor appointments, Adult Day Care, a Fitness Program, and assistance for victims of a sexual crime. These programs and more will help you help your loved one.  Don’t wait to call.  Knowledge is power.  Information gathering allows you to make good decisions. The Medical Center Foundation of Hartford wants to help you.