The Hartford High School decided a few months ago to have a day of service where the high school students would have opportunity to help community businesses, non profits, elderly home owners, parks, cemeteries, hospitals, clinic and all kinds of place receive assistance on projects.  The Medical Center Foundation of Hartford received 2 students and a teacher, Ethan, Noah and Mary.  They began the day and power washed the 1022 Club. It was dirty.  Then they started to plant flowers and the clients at the 1022 Club began working with the students. The morning flew by and the 1022 Club was filled with laughter and beautiful flowers.  If you ever have a chance, be sure to stop by and smell the flowers and be sure to look at the building.  It looks great all fresh and clean.

We want to be sure to thank the Hartford High School staff for putting this together and for helping us connect and share the work we do here in the community.  It was terrific to share our mission and purpose with our guests.  They worked hard and we enjoyed every minute with them. Together we do impact lives and every day we get an opportunity to share our work with others is always a good day.