How many times has this happen to you? You are looking for resources for a particular situation and you are not sure where to start looking so you end up asking a lot of questions and feeling like you aren’t getting anywhere when all of a sudden you stubble on a lead that opens the door to a flood of options and information. Today is your day. You have an opportunity to learn an incredible amount of information about dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and developmental disorders. The Medical Center Foundation of Hartford wants to help you care for your loved one who may be suffering, living with or needing support with these conditions. We are here to serve this community and are proud to have Threshold, Inc. from West Bend working with us to help families live with a loved one who needs assistance. Relatives who have a family member with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or a developmental disorder can tell you that caring for someone who has these conditions is a full time job. Working and caring for your own family is hard at times but to add a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent can really complicate things. You are not alone. There are hundreds in our community who are just like you. Come to the Open House on July 31 at the 1022 Club and see for yourself that the resources and a lot of answers are available in caring for a loved one. Meet the staff and look around at the incredible gift we have right here in our community. This Open House starts at 5:30 pm. The address is 1022 Sell Dr. Hartford. Need help with transportation? We can help and give you information about some options. Knowledge is power. The power to make great decisions caring for your loved one. See you July 31st.