My Two Elaines by Former WI Gov. Martin Schreiber, is a book for everyone. So many people are touched by the stress and the confusion that surrounds people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Schreiber describes and allows you to enter a world that he never thought he would be in. This world almost destroyed him. In his effort to make life with Alzheimer’s disease make sense, he became fatigued mentally and emotionally. As the caregiver for his wife, Elaine, life became hard and very difficult. Schreiber’s desire to hang on to his old life and what he had made what was happening to his wife, Elaine, unbearable. Unaware of the help and the assistance available, Schreiber kept going and his health became a major concern. As caregivers, it never seems that bad until something major happens and then it is sometimes too late. Schreiber takes the time and walks you through his thought process and his journey to asking for help in caring for his wife, Elaine. This asking then became not a weakness but a strength. My Two Elaines will make you laugh and make you cry. Join us April 10th at the Hartford Golf Club for the Medical Center Foundation Annual Dinner and see how Schreiber captures the essence of loving and caring for someone with this disease.