Denim Day Boards are one of the best ways for the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford to communicate how your dollars are working right here in our community. These boards were made by a wonderful volunteer who recruited his mother and her best friend to put their talents together and make a display that is very attractive and allows people to learn about what happened in 1989 to a young girl in Italy. This young girl was taking driving lessons from her instructor when he made her pull over and forced her to take her clothes off so he could rape her. Her pants were too tight for him to get them off himself. When he was done, she went home and told her parents. The young girl pressed charges and the man was convicted but his attorney appealed his case all the way to the Supreme Court in Italy. The Chief Justice heard the case. The perpetrator was release because the girl testified that she took her own clothes off and on the books at the time it stated that if you take your own clothes off it is consensual sex. In protest the workers and the community wore jeans. Over time this event has become an event that supports victims of sexual and domestic crimes. The Denim Day Boards are available for display at your business or at your church. Call Deb 262-670-7568 or email if you would like a Denim Day Board. Please help us help others.