On April 3rd the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford hosted an event that raised funds for victims of seuxal assault at Faith & Giggles downtown Hartford. It was called Denim Day Paint Night. This event was well attended and allowed community members to learn how important their role is and continues to be for victims. Funds were collected and participants painted jeans with messages of support and encouragement sayings. Every message was given in support for those who suffer sometime in silence with sexual assault. Modern Woodmen have made this event a priority in their efforts to connect with the community. Sarah Grotelueschen is one of the Modern Woodmen Representative in the Washington County area. Her interest in this topic and efforts have motivated her to match funds for this worthy cause. Her support, along with others, have really given voice to the need and the education for community members. Deb Holtan, Executive Director of the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford, said, “I am always amazed with the care and concern this community shares for those in need. So many organizations talk about helping and providing resources. The Medical Center Foundation of Hartford is one of these resources. We can not do this work without help from others. Sarah Grotelueschen, from Modern Woodmen, is a perfect example of the type of help we need. Sarah is a leader who is stepping out to make a difference. Her matching funds will help people right here in our community heal. These funds help educate the SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) Nurses. This allows victims to step forward and share their stories and begin to heal from their assaults.” To be a part of this work, please contact The Medical Center Foundation of Hartford 262-670-7568 or email: http:// give@mcfhartford.org. Website is https://www.mcfhartford.org/