Planning an event is always a little tricky. Planning requires phone calls, budgets, meetings and all kinds of little things. Who plans for limited seating? This year the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford is planning on limited seating. Why? Because we are growing and we have LeRoy Butler coming to town! This Green Bay Packer player is a legend and we are thrilled to have him as our special guest. Butler brings an energy that everyone can feed off of.

The evening will be filled with raffle prizes, food, drinks, networking, winning and more winning. Over $10,000 will be given away and we want you to win big off the BIG BOARD. You might be asking how do you get your hands on a ticket? We have them and you are invited to come to the Mineshaft, Oct 2 at 5 pm and get involved with supporting the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford and the programs we do to help others. We do Lifelines, Adult Day Care, Fitness Program, SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) Program and the Medical Transportation Program. All programs are local and help your family and friends in your community. Remember, seating is limited.