We all have some good days and we all have some bad days. Everyone’s situation in caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is different. It’s nice to know that in our community there are people who are already in place to make a difference. People who are trained and ready to support you so that your life can gain strength and stability now. Are you looking for help? Today can be the beginning of all kinds of hope and smiles not just for you but also for your loved one.

Come to the 1022 Club! It is an Adult Day Care facility set up to assist in the care and the life of those who have Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and cognitive disorders. This home-like facility is located at 1022 Sell Dr. Hartford, WI. When you walk in, you will be greeted by an incredible staff member. They are ready and willing to help and support you and give you a break. Call today and reserve a complimentary visit for your loved one and see how easy it is to ask for help. 262-808-2946