It was a night to remember. The Hartford Chamber of Commerce put together an Annual Dinner that celebrated people and businesses that serve others. So many incredible people gathered into one spot to celebrate a community filled with an attitude that Hartford is the best place to live on earth because it has people who care and it has a future that is moving forward. The Medical Center Foundation of Hartford received the President’s Award from Christa Gavin, the President of the Chamber of Commerce. Gavin shared with the audience that this wonderful foundation is here to help and to serve people in need and this community is grateful for its existence. Deb Holtan accepted the President’s Award on behalf of the MCF of Hartford. Holtan shared a poem about the MCF of Hartford board members. Its title, “This Is What I Know!”

The Medical Center Foundation
Wants to thank you all for your donations
Together with our President, Tom Haley
We will give thanks for this award daily.

Our Vice President is Mr. Steve Shimon
If you spend too much time with him, you might not be livin’
Our longest board member is Marlene Confare
She supports and helps with little fanfare.

Come meet & spend time with Sarah Grotelueschen
She joined the board with ideas and great solutions
Our doc in the house is Bryan Jewett
He believes and encourages our board too, “JUST DO IT!”

Looking for answers just ask Aaron Lensink
He supports our nurses to be forensic.
With lots of energy and drive, it’s Kirkendall
At events and fundraisers, he’s at My Beck n Call.

We thank our faithful Mr. Byron Schuster
Who shouts about our programs like a rooster.
Tour guide and traveler is Mr. Lopas
Great stories at meetings keep us out of comas.

Our board now has a Mr. John Remmer.
His desire is to lead and to make us better.
With smiles in place, we can’t forget Ralph Kuepper
His friendship with all is like Gillian & Skipper.

Who could forget our precious Carolyn Laufer?
Whose assistance is essential to fill our chauffeur.
Our secret for donations is David Schlotthauer
He motivates giving with his fist and his raw power.

Up and coming is our fearless Ben Becker
Who may soon have the opportunity to be our big Checker?
All these fine folks want you all to know
We’re here to serve and to collect your dough.

“This is What I know!”