One day a community member stopped me and asked if the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford could help them? With an eager heart I answered, “Yes!” This community member had a group of bakers that wanted to help where they could. I remembered seeing a Facebook post earlier in the day about truck drivers. In this post it stated how hard it was for them to get a hot meal from their favorite restaurants since many of them were shut down because of the Coronavirus. They were having a hard time finding places to shower and clean up because places wouldn’t allow them in because they were from out of state. The Coronavirus was making their job a lot harder. It seemed odd. I never thought about how things were getting to and from places and now these truckers were struggling. A little TLC would go a long way. Why not bake treats for truckers? So for the last 3 weeks, a group of community members have been very busy. They have baked hundred of cookies, bars, banana bread, muffins, caramel corn, almond bark, and all kinds goodies for the best truck drivers out there. The answer is, “YES! When are you coming?” I am so proud to be in a community that understands that we really are in this together. Thank you truckers!