It is with deep sorrow that we share that Dr. James Algiers passed away May, 28, 2020. He will be deeply missed.

There are many who understand the importance of serving others.  Dr. James Algiers is a great example of a local boy who grew up in Hartford, worked in Hartford, raised a family in Hartford and retired in Hartford.  Algiers was driven to make a difference in Hartford.  He was looking to make community connections for the important work of serving others and he found many ways to do it.  As a staff member for the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford, I would like to share how Dr. James Algiers helped create and sustain a foundation, created in 1977.  In the beginning, this foundation was known as the Hartford Memorial Hospital Foundation. Its mission was to establish project goals in relation to the planning goals of the Hospital. This linked the purpose of the Foundation, which is to generate support, financial and otherwise, to assist in the development of the Hartford Memorial Hospital and medical care.  In 1992 the foundation’s name changed to the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford.  While the name changed the mission remained the same.  Its goal was well established by its fearless leaders, which included Dr. James Algiers. 

As the Hospital grew the needs also grew.  In order to raise funds for much needed equipment and expansion, fundraising events became part of community awareness and partnership. The foundation, over the years has supported projects and programs intended to benefit the communities it serves. Projects which included free medical transportation, lifelines, HAZMAT Unit for the Hartford Rescue Squad, a hospice room in the hospital, lab equipment for radiology, furnishings for the Hospital Chapel, funding for the ICU, building the Adult Day Services 1022 Club, and many more.  Additionally, the foundation organized 3 capital campaigns.  Over 2.5 million dollars were raised to contribute to the health and vitality of the community.

To raise funds for programs, Algiers envisioned a very special charity event. He understood that he needed to connect the history of Hartford to current needs.  This event needed a classy, intriguing name that identified it with the uniqueness of the community of Hartford.  Algiers came up with the perfect name, The Goldbug Golf Classic! It is the namesake of Hartford’s classic automobile.  The Kissel Motor Car Company put Hartford on the map early in the 20th century.  The company’s most famous vehicle was a speedster that was nicknamed Goldbug because of the chrome yellow color.  This is an automobile driven by the likes of Douglas Fairbanks, Jack Dempsey, and Amelia Earhart just to name a few.  So now Hartford’s history is used to support Hartford’s future, the event has raised over 1 million dollars over the years to support the needs of the community.   A classic car gives its name to a classic charity event.   This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Goldbug Golf Classic! 

Algiers’ continued support is deeply appreciated throughout this community. His unique relationship with this foundation is incredible.  His family continues to support and participate in foundation events.  One of our favorite quotes from Dr. James Algiers is, “The need is great, and we have the great working with us.”  We really do.  We are forever grateful for the time and the effort Algiers spent in establishing this foundation and the programs that serve this community.  

Thank you Dr. James Algiers.