There has to be a book that can take you step by step on how to care of a loved one who has dementia. The answer is yes and no. So many people are on this journey to care for a parent or a loved one with dementia. Books can help and do help. But when you are in it, I mean really in it, there isn’t one book that is going to have all the answers at the very moment you have a question.

The Medical Center Foundation of Hartford has experience connecting you to resources that can and do help. We invited former Governor Marty Schreiber as a guest speaker to our Annual Dinner. His book My Two Elaines is a wonderful resource. Schreiber connects people to the reality of a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, a type of dementia, leaving and a new one taking over. His wife, Elaine disappeared and a new Elaine appeared.

Your loved one may repeat or just plan forget what was just said and you once again get to hear the same story over and over again. This can be so hard. You may need a break and often times, you needed it yesterday. I have good news for you. The Adult Day Care -1022 Club is right here in Hartford, WI. It is the most wonderful place to take your mom, dad, or a loved one. Activities and engagement is all around. They have staff that is present every moment waiting and wanting to hang out with your loved one while you work. Every day is a fun day at the 1022 Club.

For more information about the 1022 Club call Deb Holtan 262-670-7568 or Mary Jo 262-808-2946. You are not alone and help is right here. Call today.