Recently a community member called the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford and asked for a Personal Emergency Response System to be installed in their home.  This is a lifeline for emergency situations. The new receiptiant was very please to learn how easy and convient it was to have their own unit in their home.  The family member was ecstatic how accepting their parent was and what peace of mind this little button would provide their parAdult Day Care-Haasent and the other family members.  Days and weeks passed and there were no needs to push the emergency button until one night the parent fell at 2:30 am. Alone a bit dazed, confused and concerned how they ended up on the floor, the individual realized their situation and attempted to get up off the floor.  “Get up,” they kept telling themselves, “Get up.” After a few tries on their owe they remembered their emergency lifeline button.  With one push an alarm went off and a calm and reassuring voice could be heard.  This voice asked, “Do you need help?”  The answer, “Yes.”  A plan was activated and assistance came within minutes of the fall.  The situation was resolved and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.  What could of been hours or even days on the floor turned out to be only minutes.  Family members were thankful for their proactiveness and their foresight in getting their parent a lifeline for emergency situations.  For more information about this program please call Deb Holtan, 262-670-7568 or email